Email 2.0

Why is email great? It can be used anywhere, you can message anyone without barrier and the data is generally portable. With that said, email does have shortcomings or should I say, email is unruly.

I read a blog post recently that I enjoyed called Email Will Last Forever and it hits on some of the same points in our last post Email isn't dead. I wanted to expound more on these thoughts and how Pingly fits into this.

Pingly isn't just another email client, but a complete messaging platform built from the ground up to evolve all aspects of email. We're calling it Email 2.0

Email 2.0 is the next generation of messaging, working to fix the pain points of email and bring it up to spec in our current internet era.

Here are a few of the shortcomings we've identified with email and how Pingly plans to fix them:

Shortcoming #1:

Right now anyone can send you an email which is part of the beauty and simplicity of email, but that has also been abused.

Pingly has a feature called "Connections" so that you can still receive messages from anyone, but Connections let you choose who and what is important. Think of it like friending someone on Facebook or following someone on Twitter so that it allows special priority and notifications to you.

Shortcoming #2:

Messages sent to you via email come in all forms, shapes and sizes. Text and HTML, confirmation and RSVP, download a file or print tickets. Those are all great things, but on the downside, because there aren't specific message formats, you the user are required to digest each message to figure out what the sender is trying to convey to you or which action to take.

Pingly breaks messages down into different types such as: Conversation, Calendar event, Action required, etc. This way the messages are pre-digested for you in a familiar format that makes it easy for you to see the important information and take an action.

Shortcoming #3:

Email runs on older protocols like IMAP and SMTP that are around 30 years old and are hard for developers to work with.

Pingly provides a REST API to developers to make creating apps around email or extending Pingly a breeze.


People spend an average of 2.5 hours a day in their inbox and email is still the preferred medium for most professionals. So it's safe to say email isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but email needs to be evolved to fit our current internet age and to fix shortcomings that cause pain points in current email technology.

We'll be sending out invite codes soon to those who have signed up for our beta and we are looking forward to the feedback. You can sign up for our beta here.